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Moore Stylish Spaces will work with you from start to finish with any budget, big or small. You can start from scratch or work with your existing pieces to transform your home or business into a beautiful functioning space with furniture, fabrics, and accessories.

Moore Stylish Spaces focuses on boutique style commercial spaces, residential, and studio.

Tracey has spent her entire professional career in the world of retail, from small contemporary boutiques to luxury fashion brands. In her most current position she has been executing luxury window designs and in store presentations. Although her love for fashion runs deep, her passion for all things interiors has taken over.

Tracey grew up in a beautiful coastal town in RI. As a child she was always creative, whether she was drawing, at dance class, or re-arranging her room every other day. This continued when she went to the University of Rhode Island to study Textile, Marketing, and Design. After completing college, she worked her final summer in Newport, packed her bags and moved to Boston Massachusetts.

Thirteen years later Tracey still resides in Boston. Since purchasing her first home last year, her love and passion for creating beautiful interior spaces has been what has lead her to start Moore Stylish Spaces. Tracey imbues a bit of bohemian elegance in all of her projects, but craves a design challenge and opportunities to show off her ever-evolving style. No matter what the style she is asked to create, each space created by Tracey will feel cozy, eclectic, and unique.